Our goals are  to bring our clients the best quality beauty and nail services in the area. We hope to satisfy all clients’ requests in field of beauty services.

Your health and beauty are our greatest priorities, so with that in mind we use: 

  • Single-use files, buffers, callous removers. We never re-use it.
  • An autoclave used in hospitals and dental offices to assure the sterilizing quality of all equipment in our salon.
  • The footbath liner system for all our pedicures. We offer a single-use liner to provide the cleanest possible environment to our clients.

We do not have any whirlpool footbath (or traditional spa chairs). While these may seem glamorous, they can be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Research shows that when the pipes not cleaned properly, bacteria or skin and hair particles gather up in the pipes and can cause horrifying dangerous infection

 We use Gel soak-off for our customers. With Gel soak-off, Gels come off easily with no heavy-handed or forceful scraping and doesn’t burn the skin like acetone.. Gel soak-off  products do not damage the natural nail plate and can be removed between uses or can be filled like traditional in salon services. Gel soak-off keeps skins  from drying, and maintains a healthy nail. 

Why people like us and should choose us as the frequent place to visit and relax:

  • Gel nail specialization for longer lasting manicure
  • Top of the line products used in every treatment
  • Variety of manicure and pedicure with featuring a relaxing chair
  • Gift cards available
  • Free parking 

Lets go to our salon and enjoy the most amazing & wonderful moments here